Combining Art Therapy and Time To Think in a new and exciting way

It is a very exciting project with big goals. A small idea with huge growth potential.

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Our Awesome Team

To achieve great results you need a great team

Tessa Whyatt

Art Therapist, Facilitator

Tessa Whyatt is an Art Therapist and Time To Think coach and facilitator. She is passionate about working with youth in the communities. She designed the Time To Thrive program at the end of 2018, combining her two trainings and making the skills fun and accessible.

Shaun Smith

Co Facilitator

Tessa runs these workshops with a co-facilitator. Shaun Smith is an applied drama practitioner and actor, with a fantastic energy and passion for this work.

Shaun works with Tessa  in Afrikaans schools.

Zanele Banisa

Co Faciliator

Zanele Banisa has many years of experience in the art counselling community field, and has a gentle and kind presence that the kids love.

Zanele works with Tessa in Xhosa schools.




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