Thrive Leadership

Tessa is an Art Therapist and Time to Think Coach and facilitator. She can work with your organisation using either the traditional Time To Think approach, or her innovative arts based methodology.


Thrive Leadership offers an innovative approach. It focuses on Leading-from-within.

Tessa Whyatt is an Art Therapist and Coach. She combines the arts therapies with breathwork and mindfulness. In her coaching practice she offers a unique and blended approach.

Tessa has a Masters in Art Therapy (2005) from the University of Hertfordshire (UK) and is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (since 2010). Tessa is a trained Time To Think Facilitator (2011) and Time To Think Coach (2012) and a member of the global collegiate. She completed The Essentials of Management Coaching certificate course at the University of Stellenbosch Business school in 2019.

She is currently enrolled to train as a Resilience Coach with the Resilience Institute.

Thrive Coaching for Individuals

Tessa works with adults and adolescents individually in private practice, based in Pinelands in Cape Town.

Tessa has a unique offering for clients. Tessa’s THRIVE framework is a creative blend of tools — an integrated approach that includes breathwork, mindfulness and gratitude practices, affirmations, guided visualizations, art and movement activities, written coaching activities for self-reflection and more. Tessa has a huge toolbox to help clients achieve their goals and find solutions to problems. This includes accessing different parts of the brain to bring about permanent shift and change. Tessa’s THRIVE framework is no one-size-fits all coaching model. It is more than typical verbal coaching which is best for those who are strong with audio. Her framework is designed and tailored to suit each person individually, because each problem and each person is unique and different and needs a creative approach.

Time To Think helped to style her whole ‘Way of Being’ and underpins her ethical statement. Alongside Time To Think and the Arts Therapies, other influences include Neuroscience, Humanistic psychology, Positive Psychology and Solutions-Focused Coaching. These shape her way of working with people, seeing them as whole.

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Thrive Coaching for teams:

Tessa has runs unique and engaging workshops for teams. They can be tailor-made specifically for your team, or choose one of the available designs.

Tessa is qualified to run the Time To Think one day introduction workshop.

THRIVE Leadership Coaching – Workshops 1 and 2

Time To Think (Nancy Kline, 1999), in which Tessa is trained as a coach and facilitator, is an internationally recognised coaching modality and a well-known model for leadership development. As an art therapist by training, it seemed a natural transition to combine Time To Think with the arts therapies, and the Thrive program was born. Kline selected ten components which combine to create and optimize a Thinking Environment. Tessa based activities on the 10 components and included coaching tools as additional self-reflection components. Activities include visual art (clay, painting, collage) as well as mindfulness, breath-work, movement, music and drama.

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