Time to Thrive

Time to Thrive is a youth program designed by Tessa Whyatt    

The main aim of the Time To Thrive program is to develop young people’s emotional intelligence and encourage Leadership-from-within. Tessa wanted to create something that would address the need for life skills, teach soft skills and develop emotional intelligence. It’s not teaching or coaching or therapy. It’s all those things and more. Philosophy and psychology. And it’s the combination which is powerful. Bringing all the modalities and elements together is the core of the program. Youth are learning interactively and creatively, with all different areas of their brains, bodies, hearts and soul. And that makes it transformative.

Time To Thrive is a youth leadership program that combines art therapy with coaching, utilizing a combination of visual arts and directive art therapy, drama and music, play and movement, coaching tools and written reflections, breathwork and mindfulness. It is a unique and exciting approach, engaging youth through creative learning and encouraging independent thinking. The main goal is to uplift individuals, to give them a sense of autonomy in their lives, that they can make a difference for themselves.

The main outcomes are resilience and confidence, as well as the motivation to learn, grow and achieve, to aim high and work to create new futures for themselves. We want to support them in strengthening their self-esteem.

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